How to Decorate above the Kitchen Cabinets?


To decorate above kitchen cabinets, choose real vines and place them above your cabinets for starters. You can also use pottery, plates, or bottles especially those that are themed or you could go with items of varying heights and sizes or those that have similar color tones.
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1. Clear the clutter away from above your kitchen cabinets so you can clean them. Clean the cabinet surfaces as well as the wall above them. This section of your kitchen tends to
Why not check out Michael's or your local craft store for greenery and such? Any type of ivy or fern sprays would be amazing in different sized/shaped/textured gold-tone or shiny
If by "cabinets" you mean the upper cabinets, and those cabinets do not reach to the ceiling, the structure between the cabinets and the ceiling is usually called the soffit
I have an assortment of old bottles and vases . I have found them at yard sales and such. What is the stlye of your home. You could put baskets or bright colored bowls. Just remember
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