What are some decorating ideas for slanted walls?


There are a variety of decorating ideas known for slanted walls. These designs are commonly used in attic spaces and lounging areas. How to decorate slanted walls depends on individual preference.
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1. Make it monotone. A monotone is a single shade of the same color. A room with slanted walls can feel cramped. To help avoid this feeling, paint the entire room in the same color.
Instead of posters what about a collage of pictures. Use a glue thats suitable for paper & whatever your walls are I'm assuming drywall/plaster and drys clear. Most craft glues
You can get ideas for home decor wall art from Better Homes and Gardens. Once on the BHG website, click on "Decorating & Home Ideas" in the top navigation menu to get
Leeanna, Thanks for writing and for your questions. Slanted walls are a design challenge for sure, especially if you cannot paint. . Wall art is a good starting point, and its content
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Decorating Ideas for Slanted Walls
Decorating slanted walls, such as those commonly found in attics, can be a decorating challenge due to the slant making hung items far more susceptible to gravity than on a traditional vertical wall, regardless of how sharp the slant happens to be. Part... More »
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