How to Decorate Milk Crates?


There are many DIY projects that can be done when decorating with milk crates. You can attach six milk crates together to make an inexpensive DIY shelf. Or you can hang them on the wall to create a hanging basket or shelf.
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1. Determine how you want to use the crates. Stack them like a shelf or turn them on their sides to use for storage and tables. The way you intend to use them and where you want them
You can get milk crates on Buy, Amazon, Filmtools and Target. They range from box type storage crates to the regular plastic crates that have the diamond shaped holes in them.
Apparently ( this may or may not be true) it was Rehrig Pacific corporation.
1 This is assuming that you need a stand for a relatively large speaker. Go to your local grocery store, and ask the guy in the back of the store if he has any unused milk crates.
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