How to Maintain a Deep Wave Weave?


To maintain a deep wave weave you need to let it set totally. This takes about two weeks. Do not apply water or any styling products during this time. After two weeks brush your weave then wash it. Clean the weave at least once a week with a nourishing shampoo for curly hair. Then use a cream conditioner for curly hair. Apply detangling spray after you wash it. Dry using a blow dryer on medium heat. Wrap the weave in a silk scarf before going to be.
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1. Allow the weave to set for at least two weeks once it is installed. During this time, abstain from immersing the hair in water or applying any styling products to it. 2. Brush
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1. Use. pomade. To apply, wet your hair, rub the pomade on your hands, and then apply to your hair. Reapply after showering, or when you need a touch-up. Ad. 2. Brush your hair often
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