Deepest River in USA?


The deepest river in the USA is Pocomoke river at a depth of 7 to 45 feet and averaging at 15 feet. The Pocomoke river stretches for 66 miles from southern Delaware through to southeastern Maryland. Pocomoke is derived from the algonquian languages and it means broken ground.
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The lost river in Kentucky.
The Lost River in Kentucky is the deepest river.
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The Congo River in Africa is the deepest river in the world with measured depths in excess of 230 m (750 ft) report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06 2012 at 05:33AM EST
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The deepest river in the world is called the Congo River. Its depth is approximately 220 metres. The Congo River is the ninth longest river in the world, but the ...
The deepest river in the world is river Congo which has a depth of approximately 230 metres. It also doubles up as the second largest river when measured in terms ...
The depth of the Missouri river will depend on where you are measuring it. At its deepest point, the river is approximately 100 feet deep. It has an average depth ...
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