Deer Attracting Plants?


There are many deer attracting plants. Most perrienas are deer attractants. The deer prefer plans that have thick stem on them. A hostas is one of their favorites.
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Plants Deer will not eat include: Yarrow, chives, astilbe, cinnamon fern, ostrich fern, bugane, pinks, bleeding heart, oriental poppy, scilla, vinca, daffodil, and more. The list
Pretty much all vegetables they will eat watermelons and corn but most people plant oats, alf alfa, wheat and they eat that to.
1. Create a food plot in a remote area where sambar deer are known to live. Set up the plot in a place that gets a lot of sunlight but does not have a lot of natural vegetation. Plant
If you are wanting to attract deer for viewing purposes here are some suggestions. Spread out some corn or some day old bread. You can buy bags of corn at almost any feed store. Look
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There are a number of things that people plant in order to attract deer, some of which include beechnuts, acorns, crabapples, cherries, apples, leaves and twigs ...
The best ones are already made. Use salt, dried corn, soy bean plants acorns, apples, clover or turnips. There are too many things to use. ...
There are different food plots that you can plant for deer. White tail deer love pumpkins and squash so growing a small garden with those in them can attract them ...
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