How is the female deer exercise performed?


According to the Online College of Tantric Yogas, to perform the female deer exercise, begin by removing all clothing and jewelry, then sit on the floor. You may also sit on a cushion if you desire the added comfort. With one heel against the opening of the vagina and the other foot resting next to the shin, gently exert pressure on the clitoris.

Once you are in position, there are two steps to complete the exercise. First, warm your hands by rubbing them together, and place them over your breasts. Let your hands travel up the inside of the breasts toward the face, then outwards, downwards, inwards and upwards, rubbing in circles. Be gentle; just skim the surface of the skin and enjoy the sensations for 36 repetitions.

Next, rest your hands in your lap, then form them into fists to activate important acupressure points. Next, tighten the muscles. Hold the contraction as long as you comfortably can while breathing deeply. Try to isolate the contraction to the vaginal muscles without involving the anal sphincter and stomach muscles.

The female deer exercise comes from the Taoist Qi Gong discipline. Its intended effect is to tonify the female endocrine system, improve circulation, and increase overall vitality and sexual health.

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