How is brutalization effect defined?


The brutalization effect is defined as the period following the fulfillment of a capital punishment sentence that encourages additionally violent behavior. This happens when executions are publicized or the individual executed bears many social connections in his former niche. Brutalization effect increases the rate of violent crime in a way that deters states from carrying out the death penalty.

The definition of the brutalization effect is the concept of making people more aggressive and prone to extreme violent crime in the wake of an execution. The point of the death penalty is to deter others from committing the kinds of crime that result in the exacting of this sentence, but the brutalization effect shows that executions have the opposite effect on the general public during the time period surrounding the exacting of this punishment.

The brutalization effect causes homicide rates to spike due to violence becoming more significant in the minds of the population. Those with the impulse to commit similar crimes are spurred to action by ongoing messages of death and crime, while people who lack the same impulse experience a deterrent effect. The majority of people who are deterred from homicidal behaviors illustrate how the death penalty has its intended effect. This deterrence outweighs the impact of the brutalization effect.

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