How do I define "defrauding an innkeeper"?


Defrauding an innkeeper is a term used to refer to a crime committed against the proprietor or manager of a restaurant or motel. A person is guilty of this crime when he or she gets food or lodging at any motel, hotel and lodging abode without paying.
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There is a very good reason hotels and motels etc. Need to know how Many people there are in the room. They keep a fire box with the names of all guests. If,God forbid there is a
Any person who will obtain, food, lodging or other'defraudi...
Mike, I picked your question out of the Question Pool. You have to understand that there are fifty states and each state has its own laws and its own maximum/minimum penalties for
Plead not guilty. If what you said is what happened, than you're not guilty. Explain that only an innocent man would stick around and explain how he couldn't pay the bill, as his
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