Define Discretionary Authority?


Discretionary authority is the power to make a decision. The decision to be made is based entirely on the individual making the choice. The decision made should not discriminate or be in favor of a prohibited group.
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Discretion means: the quality of being
The police have the ability to decide whether to charge someone with a crime or not, and what charge to apply. Because full discretion has been shown to be problematic, most agencies
Consumer discretionary is a very broad category in which we include most retail companies, as well as areas such as auto manufacturing and homebuilding. In general, we see consumer
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Discretionary authority empowers the broker to trade one's account, in some circumstances with no limits on what may be traded or the plans employed. Limited discretionary ...
The term discretionary authority refers to the power to formulate a decision wherein the choice of whether to construct a decision is that of the decision maker. ...
Police have the right to decide when and what a person is charged with. Each law enforcement department can make a decision as to how much leeway officers have ...
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