What Is Duty Based Ethics?


Ethics are your morals and the things that guide you to make certain decisions. Duty is something that you are required or expected to do. Therefore duty based ethics is changing your morals or your beliefs so that you can accomplish the things that you need to.
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Duty based ethics are the moral obligations that persons adhere to because it is formative that their actions are necessary and contingent on the response of society.
Duthy based ethics are based on the rights or duty. Duty based ethics focus on the. reason. for doing an action and not the. consequences. Tete Adjevi-neglokpe.
1. Understand the reasoning behind the ethical principle or behavior. Duty-based ethics are based on the idea that a behavior is right because of the feeling of responsibility to
Virtue, which is moral excellence, and duty, which is moral obligation, deal with human relativity in exactly the same way. The difference is in perception. Does one relate to humanity
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