Define Outstanding Customer Service?


The definition of outstanding customer service would be when an employee goes above and beyond to make their customer's experience at the establishment an enjoyable one. For example, a waitress who displays outstanding customer service will keep tabs on her tables, bring them refills promptly, take their orders exactly as they tell her too, and keep up with their demands. She would do this all while composing a cheery disposition. All employees should strive to display outstanding customer service skills.
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Everyone wants to feel like they have power so as soon as you give anyone the power they want they will bend over backwards for you. The best keyword is Thank you but you must use
1. know your product inside out. 2. always be honest with your customer and NEVER lie to them. 3. respect your customer as a person and treat them how you would want to be treated
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Customers Delight. Unexpected service. I saw one TV advertisement. One gentleman is filling up a form to open account at ICICI Bank. The Manager noticed that his date of birth happened
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