What does "feminine wiles" mean?


The term "feminine wiles" refers to a woman's charm and her ability to deceive or trick people with that charm. This is a somewhat derogatory term in the strictest definition, but it is not always used that way.

The word "wile" is a genderless term that refers to the general practice of using a trick or strategy to deceive or trap people. For example, it can be said that a male host used his wiles to convince tired guests to stay at his party for another hour. "Feminine wiles" are supposedly unique to women. The term refers to strategies a woman might have to convince or trick others, especially men, into doing a certain thing or acting a certain way. The term dates back to Middle English, when "feminine wiles" referred more to deceit. Today, it can also be used to refer to less insidious things like charm.

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For levity's sake, and so the topic of using feminine wiles to get your man doesn't seem too predatory, I have decided to set up each step as a multiple choice question, each correct
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