Definition for Concrete Detail?


Concrete detail is a literature term that can be defined as the specific details that are the backbone or center of the body paragraphs. They refer to the distinct information, facts, data as well as specific information offered to describe, explain, or justify something.
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A concrete detail is a detail that you can actually see or hold in your hand. It has physical properties. Concrete details are the opposite of abstract details.
Concrete detail is a quote from the story that answers a question. directly. The answer is not inferred and thus is found directly in any written material. It is often a quote from
well im guessing that concrete details. are either. 1. details that are 100% facts. or. 2.details that only relate to the one subject/matter you are on. i think its like number one.
1. Dust off the plaster with a rag to remove any loose particles. 2. Dip a sponge into a solution of warm water and several drops of liquid dish soap. Squeeze out the sponge so it
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In an essay, the facts outlined about the main subject form its concrete detail. They are usually backed up with adequate evidence to convince the reader. A good ...
The definition of relevant details is something that has bearing or is related to the subject matter at hand. For example, the address, time, and date would be ...
A concrete detail is a fact about something that cannot be doubted. It is usually from the source and tries to summarise an object. Synonyms for concrete detail ...
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