Definition of a Tropical Disturbance?


Tropical disturbance is an incipient or very weak tropical cyclone. It is characterized by a very low-pressure eye or center surrounded by a helical system of thunderstorms that result to strong winds and heavy rain.
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( ′träp·ə·kəl di′stər·bəns ) (meteorology) A cyclonic wind system of the tropics, of lesser intensity than a tropical cyclone
It is a matter of organization. A tropical depression has a closed circulation of wind with an identifiable center. A disturbance has some circulation, but it is not closed and has
Tropical disturbance:powerful storm that forms over water in the tropics/subtropics lasting 24 hours+.
Gastrointestinal disturbance are a group of digestive
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tropical disturbance
a very weak, or incipient, tropical cyclone.
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