Definition of Academic Achievement?


Academic achievement is the educational goal that is achieved by a student, teacher or institution achieves over a certain period. This is measured either by examinations or continuous assessments and the goal may differ from an individual or institution to another.
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1. Administer a standardized achievement test. A standardized test has to be given by someone who meets the qualifications required in the testing manual. Usually that is a person
Academic achievement is all about what students
achievement which had nothing to do with a place of learning (school, college ect)
Analysing the number of times their published research papers are cited by other scholars is a well established and well respected way to judge the quality of a researcher's output.
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An academic achievement is something you do or realize at school, university or college in class, in a laboratory, library or fieldwork and it does not include ...
Academic achievements are achievements obtained in school by completing classes, maintaining good grades and getting high scores on tests. Academic achievements ...
Academic achievement is important because it prepares students for future careers. It also allows students to enter competitive fields. Academic achievement is ...
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