Definition of C4 Pathway?


The definition of C4 pathway are plants that possess biochemical and anatomical mechanisms to raise the intracellular carbon dioxide concentration at the site of fixation. This reduces and sometimes eliminates carbon losses by photorespiration. This plants fix CO2 into a four carbon compound called oxaloacetate. C4 plants inhabit hot and dry environments. They have high water use efficiency so that there can be up to twice as much photosynthesis per gram of water when compared to C3 plants.
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The C4 pathway is designed to efficiently fix CO2 at low concentrations and plants that use
there is no C2 plants, just C3, C4, and CAM plants. they have to do with the photosynthesis of the plant and how they transport raw materials there is no C2 plants, just C3, C4, and
C4 Plants. Over 8000 species of angiosperms have developed adaptations which minimize the losses to photorespiration. They all use a supplementary method of CO2 uptake which forms
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