Definition of Civil Status?


Civil status is a term used mostly by government bodies or organizations to show a person's status as a citizen. These may include your marriage, birth or death status and records.
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Civil rights are the rights of the people of a given nation. These rights are generally rights that comprise the ideals of equality and sufferage in voting rights. Many of the most
It is believed that the first civil engineering began with the building of the Great Pyramids in Egypt around 2,700 BC. In 1747, the first college for training civil engineers opened
If you mean applying to an ordinary citizen then he would have had the same status as any other citizen. But because he was the son of a God then he would havd has a higher status
Deadlocked. Neither side has enough of an upper hand and both realize they are fighting for survival and can't afford to back down. It's possible we will see some kind of external
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