What are computer speakers?


Computer speakers are hardware devices that convey the sounds generated by a computer system. Speakers detect the sounds made from a computer's internal components and amplify those sounds in a way that is clear and easy to understand, according to TechTerms.

Computer speakers are often called multimedia speakers because they are compatible with a host of other devices, including stereos, MP3 players, television sets, video game systems and more. Most computer speakers also have a small input jack that can be used to attach headphones and other audio listening devices.

Most laptop computers and tablets have built-in speakers, and they also have multiple ports available for users who want to attach external speakers to their devices. Laptops and tablets contain audio processors that determine the quality of the audio emitting from the speakers. Good-quality speakers can emit low-quality sounds if the audio processor is of poor quality, notes About.com.

According to TechTerms, computer speakers typically come in pairs and transmit audio using two separate channels. This allows the speakers to produce stereo sound, which has much higher audio quality. Surround sound computer speaker systems can include up to seven speakers, which further enriches the sound and quality of the audio.

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