Definition of Confederate Government?


A confederate government is a type of government where a treaty signed between states. However, they are allowed to preserve some independent power over internal and external affairs. Such governments tend to have a common constitution, common currency, common defense and common foreign affairs.
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The definition of Confederate Government is one in which an alliance of independent states creates a central government of very limited power; the members states have supreme authority
The Confederate States of America existed between 1861 and and 1865. It was comprised of eleven southern American states; South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana
A confederation is a union by compact or treaty between
The main characteristic of a confederate form of government is the placing of power in the hands of regional or state governments instead of in the hands of a central government.
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A confederal government is a form of government in which sovereign states delegate power to a centralized government. The central government is weaker than the ...
A confederate system of government is one where regional, or state, governments hold most of the power and the central government is weaker. The central government ...
A confederal system is a government system made of a league of several independent states. Each of the states have their own sovereign powers. The states are overseen ...
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