Definition of Descriptive Essay?


A descriptive essay is a piece of writing used to explain something in detail. It employs the major senses of the body to create a vivid mental image of what is being described to the reader.
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Apex Both figurative language and words that appeal to the five senses
To write a descriptive essay you will need to find a topic you want to discuss. Then you use a lot of adjectives and as much info about the topic as possible, to describe it!
Descriptive essay writing is often a creative, personal, or simply
1. Envision the surroundings. Describe in detail the setting and characters for your essay. This will be anything that you can actually see. Include items such as color, shape, volume
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A descriptive essay is a type of essay that describes in great detail facts and information about a place, person, or thing. Descriptive essays are used to give ...
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