Definition of Dignity of Labour?


Dignity of labor is a clause which states that all job types are equally respectable and no occupation is superior to another. It emphasizes the virtue of equality and lack of condensation. Dignity of labor insists its better to be employed than to stay idle.
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Primary occupation is also a type of labour.when a child is made to work instead studing or when a child is made to earn money then it is knwon as dignity of labour.Because every
The very thought that men and women should be paid a decent wage, or have working conditions less than lethal, or that laborers, the common people should not have to work 10 or 12
The definition of dignity is excellence, nobility. Synonyms include;
Dignity is a person's right to be treated like a human being. When we talk about human dignity, we mean human rights. If people are treated with dignity, they usually have the right
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