Definition of Domestic Tourism?


Domestic tourism is the type of tourism where people visit tourist site within their own country. Domestic tourism is one of the three categories of tourism with the others being inbound and outbound tourism.
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Domestic travel is where who lives in a certain country travels round their country. So someone who lives in England will travel, somewhere different in England.
Natives of that country traveling and exploring within their country. For example...Filipinos from Manila can be a domestic tourist if they go to Cebu, Davao, etc. For Domestic Tourism
The definitions of domestic policy, is the policy each country has set for itself internally, so dealing with the poor or healthcare and other things that its own citizens face would
The tourism of Gujarat is increasing day by day-Have a look to this. Gujarat – Once Seen, Never Forgotten! Gujarat Tourism growing like never before-Narendra Modi by Savai Jain
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