Definition of Dualistic Thinking?


Dualistic thinking is the line of thought that believes in two mutually exclusive minds, like good and evil or ying and yang. These minds are the direct opposite of each other but none can exist on their own they exist only in relativity.
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The belief in good and evil. Sin. Answer #2: It is a mind that is caught between polarities. It exists only in relativity - meaning it can only exist in relation to something else
The definition of dualistic is of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of
dualist: an adherent of dualism
Because human cognition works by categorization, and dualism is the most basic categorical distinction you can make. The universe seems naturally to break down into objects. It's
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The word dualist can be defined as any person who supports dualism which is the belief in absolute good and absolute evil. It is pronounced as 'doo-uh-lized' and ...
Duoliostic is an adjective that refers to that which has the condition of being double. The term can also be used as an adjective to refer to that which is of ...
Dualistically describes something done in a dual manner. Dual refers to a dual number or an inflected form of a noun, adjective, pronoun or verb used with two ...
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