Definition of Emotional Quotient?


Also referred to as emotional intelligence, emotional quotient is a person's intelligence in regard to theirs or other people's emotions. This is the ability to control and monitor what they or other people are feeling.
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EQ is acronym for emotional intelligence quotient. It is what is used to measure a persons intelligence. It is very similar to IQ. A person's Emotional Intelligence Quotient is measured
In D&D terms, EQ is the sum of your Wisdom and Charisma scores. Embed Quote
its a type of doing division by using different opertions or an easy way to solve a division problem.
Sum (n.) - a quantity obtained by the addition of a group of numbers.
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The term emotional intelligence or EI refers to the ability to identify, examine and control the emotions of oneself of others as well of groups. Several models ...
Emotional quotient is defined as the ability to identify, assess, and control ones own emotions, of others, and of groups. It can also be described as the awareness ...
In order to improve emotional quotient, you should be open minded, authentic, listen less and speak more. You should also follow your intrinsic motivations more ...
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