Definition of Forest Denudation?


Forest denudation is a term used to describe stripping a forest of vital ingredients used to keep trees and other plants in the forest alive and functioning. Forest denudation is commonly done by lumberjacks, and farmers who cut down trees to use their wood, or to clear an area of land. Forest denudation also occurs naturally by natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and forest fires. Denudation comes from the word denude, meaning to make bare or strip.
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seventy percent of all forest fires are started by lightning. Carelessness causes starts some of them, and occasionally arson (some of the most devastating fires in California the
Hi! Denude means to make naked or bare; strip. 'The storm completely denuded the
Re-planting trees.
denuded: without the natural or usual covering
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Causes of forest denudation include logging, urbanization, dam construction, and overpopulation. Natural causes include volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and forest ...
Logging, construction development, overpopulation and dam construction, fire and volcanic eruptions cause denudtation. The effects are loss of wildlife habitat ...
The word denudative refers to that which causes denudation. Denudation refers to the act of denuding, which is to make naked or bare. It can also mean to strip ...
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