Definition of Fundamental Motor Skills?


The general definition of fundamental motor skills is the ability to learn a sequence of movements to produce a smooth action in order to accomplish a task. The ability to use chopsticks to eat rice or noodles would be a motor skill. A fundamental motor skill would be the ability to use your fingers to button your shirt or your pants. Children work on their motor skills very early on. An infants ability to grasp the finger of an adult or a toddlers ability to grab a food and place it in their mouths can both be considered a fundamental motor skill.
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Gross motor skills are physical movement abilities related to large groups of muscles in the body. Examples of gross motor skills include walking, running, jumping, crawling and sitting
The four skills for swimming is : Frontcrawl-Arms are moved continously overhead accompanied by a rythm kick. Backstroke-aRM OMVIN IN THE WTER IN A CIRCLE MOTION AS WELL A KICK. buterfly-Both
Fundamental (adj) 1: serving as an essential component; "a cardinal
Fine motor are movement that occur with small muscles of the body such as fingers taste somthing with the tongue. Gross motor are
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