Definition of Gravity for Kids?


Gravity is something that is experienced on a daily basis but is not seen. A good definition of gravity for kids is that it is the force that keeps us from floating away into space. Gravity is also the force that causes something to fall to the ground when you let go of it. The study of matter and motion takes gravity into consideration since it is such a strong force. The constant for gravity is -9.8 meters per second.
Q&A Related to "Definition of Gravity for Kids?"
Gravity is the force that keeps things from flying off into space.
Gravity (n) is 1: the force of attraction between all masses in the universe; 2:
gravity wave: (physics) a wave that is hypothesized to propagate gravity and to travel at the speed of light
Hello Nurshafia, This is probably belated and apologies for that as my internet was disconnected... Basically specific gravity (Gs) is defined as the ratio of the unit weight (or
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