Definition of Guided Media?


Guided media refers to the transmission of broadcasted information within a physical boundary. The medium signals usually pass through a physical pathways such as wired transmission like fiber optic cables and coaxial cables.
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Media is a meaning of various communication, such as television, radio, and the newspaper. Computer media can be hard drives, removable drives, such as zip files.
1. Go to your team's official website. Search for "Media Guide, or locate a button on the home page such as "News" or "Media Information" that should provide
In a guided medium signal passes through a physical pathway(s)while in an unguided medium signal passes through a vacuum,it is independent of a physical pathway.
Any media that allow for some arbitrary input by a user which results in feedback (auditory, visual, etc) is considered to be interactive in my opinion. Not sure if the definition
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Media is defined as a method of mass communication. This is the most common definition of the word. However, in terms of scientific definitions, media is an intermediate ...
Guided media refers to the transmission medium wherein data or signal is guided through a cable or wire so used to a particular path. To troubleshoot the media ...
wired or guided m. ...
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