What is the definition of marital bliss?


Marital bliss is finding perfect happiness in marriage. When a couple experiences marital bliss, it does not mean that they do not have problems; they simply know how to resolve them and get back to loving each other.

The University of Washington Psychology Professor John Gottman states communication is essential to having marital bliss. While studying 3,000 couples, he has noticed that happy couples use “five times more positive behaviors than negative ones,” while unhappy couples are quick to criticize each other. In theory, learning how to talk to one's spouse helps one achieve marital bliss.

Winning does not matter when one is looking for marital bliss. In fact, trying to compete to win arguments often makes the situation worse. Society teaches both men and women to compete in order to succeed, and it is easy to bring that mental state into the marriage. Unfortunately, doing so puts love and respect in the background.

In order to achieve marital bliss, both people in the marriage must work towards the same goal. Fighting and arguing destroy marriages. It is essential that both parties use the love and respect they have for the other to uplift and inspire them. Acting in love helps couples achieve marital bliss.

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