Definition of My Computer?


My computer is a source used by Windows, prior to vista to retrieve all the information and resources in the computer. This resources may include drives, control panels and data. My computer icon in most computers is located on the desktop.
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A computer is a device that accepts and interprets information base on a program that is created to meet a specific purpose. However, the program has to be entered into the device
If your video is on your digital camera, you should be able to simply insert the camera's memory stick directly into your computer's digital media reader slot. If you don't have one
If you install memory in your computer, you can increase its performance. It is a fairly simple install, but requires you to take your computer apart. This website has a handy guide
You will need a router first of all which can be bought at any electronics store. The click control panel, network and internet, then network and sharing. You then find the other
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