Definition of Natural Attrition?


Natural attrition is a situation in a firm where the reduction in staff and employees occurs through normal means for instance retirement and resignation as opposed to firing and laying off. This situation is natural in any business and industry.
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attrition: erosion by friction; the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice; sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation; a wearing down to weaken
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Attrited is used as an adjective to simply mean worn by rubbing or attrition. It is also widely used as a verb to mean to make smaller by attrition and it is usually ...
The definition of the word attrition is the process or action of gradually reducing the effectiveness or strength of something or someone through sustained pressure ...
Attriteness is derived from the word attrite, which refers to the act of losing personnel as a result of resignation. It can also be defined as the act of destroying ...
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