Definition of Non Biodegradable?


The definition of non-biodegradable is the direct opposite of the word biodegradable. When something is biodegradable that means that it's components are able to be broken down into the environment after it is discarded. Non-biodegradable means that the components of the item will not break down over time. An example of a non-biodegradable item would be a tire.
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Biodegradablewaste will eventually break down and become part of the earth and soil, like food scraps and paper. Non-biodegradable wastewill NOTbreak down (or won't for many many
The time required to break down biodegradable products varies immensely. According to the Coral Reef Alliance, banana peels usually degrade in about two months. Other light materials
Adult diapers are an example of a non-biodegradable product, typically
Biodegradable products may not be as useful as everyone thinks due to issues surrounding biodegrading facilities.
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capable of decaying through the action of living organisms: biodegradable paper; biodegradable detergent.
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A non-biodegradable material is one that does not break down or does not break down easily in the environment. These items collect over time and can pose a threat ...
Plastic is non-biodegradable because molecule of plastic is very long consisting of carbon atoms correlated together forming a long chain and most are also manufactured ...
Non biodegradable is a term that is used to refer to components that can not be decomposed by biological means. Non biodegradable components include things like ...
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