Definition of Non Perishable Food?


Non-perishable foods are shelf stable foods that normally do not spoil or decay. Non perishable foods can withstand months or even years of shelf life, these foods include canned fruits and vegetables, pea nut butter and nuts.
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Non-perishable food does not rot or decay without refrigeration. Canned goods, flour, dry cereals, candy, and sugar are examples of non-perishable foods.
1. Check out your local grocery store. You'll find all manner of great items that aren't likely to spoil. Many of them are conveniently packaged as an added bonus. Pudding cups are
Granola bars, jerky, dried fruit and vegetables, nuts. You can buy a lot of this stuff at regular grocery stores or you can make it yourself. You can make your own dried food by
Some non-perishable foods are canned foods, such as green beans, peaches and pineapple and dehydrated fruit such as apricots and bananas.
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A non perishable food item is a type of food that does not spoil or decay. Canned goods, sugar and spices are examples of such items. Perishable foods, on the ...
A non-perishable food item is a food item which requires minimal, special storage conditions, for an indefinite period of time. Most of these foods can be stored ...
Basically, things that do not go "off" or grow mold or need to be kept in the refrigerator. ...
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