What is the definition of non-perishable food?


Non-perishable food is food that does not spoil and has a long shelf life. It is considered a staple food to have in the pantry, as it does not spoil for a very long time and can be used for many years.

Most non-perishable foods are canned or boxed foods, as these are packaged to last on the shelf for a long time. It is a good idea to have these foods in the pantry just in case the power goes out or there is another situation where fresh food is not accessible. Examples of non-perishable foods include canned vegetables and fruit, pasta, whole grain rice, high fiber cereal, canned tuna or chicken, peanut butter and canned beans.

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Non-perishable food does not rot or decay without refrigeration. Canned goods, flour, dry cereals, candy, and sugar are examples of non-perishable foods.
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Some non-perishable foods are canned foods, such as green beans, peaches and pineapple and dehydrated fruit such as apricots and bananas.
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