Definition of Plane Trigonometry?


The definition of plane trigonometry is mathematics that deals with triangles and the sides and angles of triangles. Typically, plane trigonometry is taught in schools as a part of a precalculus courge. Plan trigonometry is used in careers that determine distance and heights, such as in surveying.
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Plane trigonometry is trigonometry carried out in (on) a plane. This could be contrasted with spherical trigonometry, which is trigonometry carried out on the surface of a sphere.
( ′plān trig·ə′näm·ə·trē ) (mathematics) The study of triangles in the euclidean plane with the use of functions defined
Plane Trigonometry is the study of the properties of triangles and trigonometric
Trigonometry is a branch of math that deals with angles or triangles, their sides and calculations.
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plane trigonometry
the branch of trigonometry dealing with plane triangles.
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There are two main branches of trigonometry. The first is the plane trigonometry which deals with figures lying on a single plane surface. The other branch is ...
Plane trigonometry is the study of triangles which are defined in ratios. They are used mostly by surveyors and navigators and sometimes in physical and life science ...
A plane mirror refers to the reflective surface of the mirror. Plane mirrors have a planar reflective surface, which means the reflected rays of light do not spread ...
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