Definition of Regulatory Commission?


A regulatory commission is a set body that governs a certain organization. It implements rules and regulations that have to be adhered to. Failure to heed to these rules will result to penalties or even being charged.
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The definition of commission is the act of grant certain powers of the authority to carry out certain tasks or dutys. It is also a group of people officaially authorized as well.
These are entities such as the FCC(Federal Communications Commission) and FAA(Federal Avaition Administration) They are formed and accorded power by Congress to regulate a specific
1. Call the Railroad Commission of Texas and lodge a complaint. The oil and gas department can be reached at (512) 463-6838. 2. Email the RRC with your complaint. Send your email
A regulatory commission (also regulatory authority, regulatory body or regulator) is
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An Independent Regulatory Commission is a community authority or government agency in charge for employing autonomous authority over a few areas of human activity ...
Regulatory framework is a system of regulations and the means used to enforce them. They are usually established by the government to regulate the specific activities ...
Regulatory mechanism is defined as the means by which something can be controlled or monitored. This term can also be used in reference to a body or an organization ...
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