Definition of Relics of Feudalism?


The relics of feudalism refer to the characteristics of society that were directly influenced by the feudal era. Feudalism refers to the system that prevailed in medieval Europe, where the legal and political orderings of society were based on labor and land ownership. The slave trade in the United States has been associated with feudalism.
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Feudalism was a type of government practiced in the middle ages. The top was the
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feudalism: the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century
Feudalism, a term first used in the early modern period (17th century) in its most classic sense refers to a Medieval European political system comprised of a set of reciprocal legal
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Definition of Relics of Feudalism
Feudalism refers to the the military, political and social system that prevailed in medieval Europe. Under its guise, the legal and political orderings of society were based around labor and land ownership. It consisted of a ruling class that provided... More »
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