Definition of Responding Variable?


Responding variables are variables that change because of altering manipulating variables. Different conditions of the responding variable are observable in an experiment, such as quantity and height. For instance, observing the effect of a certain fertilizer on different groups of plants, the responding variable would be the height growth of the plant.
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A depenent (responding) variable is a condition that can change as the result of an indepedent variable's alteration. It can also be referred to as an effect. Every well-designed
Variables represent values in mathematical equations or chemistry experiments you can alter to verify how they change when you alter a set of assumptions. A variable in an experiment
(manipulated variable) the variable that you purposely change and test.
As far as I can tell, conjugate variables are variables representing two quantities that share a sort of "trade-off" relationship in the accuracy with which you can determine
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A responding variable is the component of an experiment that responds to change. For example, if salt is added to water to see how the pH level changes, the water ...
Variables are items in an experiment or study that can vary. The dependent variable responds to the the other variables, the independent variable responds unpredictably ...
In a scientific experiment, a confounding variable is a secondary, changing condition that muddies the experimenter's hypothesized inference between cause and ...
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