What is the definition of "simple machines"?


Simple machines are manual devices that reduce the effort needed to perform a certain amount of work. These mechanisms alter the direction or magnitude of a force to help increase the ability to lift, push and pull objects.

Simple machines are the building blocks that compose all complex machines. The six types of simple machines are the wedge, ramp or inclined plane, screw, lever, wheel and axle and pulley. These are the simplest mechanisms that apply leverage to magnify force. One or a combination of these devices enables a person to use less force or to apply force in a direction that's easier to maneuver.

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simple machines mean how work is being made easier. simple machines are pulleys levers lifts screws wedges wheels i might of covered all them or there might be one or two more.
Some examples of simple machines are scissors, screw, anything with a wheel, clothesline that has a pulley, hammer, and crowbars are all examples of simple machines.
Simple machine (noun) a simple device, such as a lever, pulley, or
The paper feed of a typewriter is an inclined plane. The slanted surface of the paper feed allows the paper to move higher. The inclined plane makes it easier to move the paper by
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A simple machine is a machine that has very few or no moving parts. Simple machines make work much easier. Some examples of simple machines are screws, a wheel ...
A simple machine is something used to apply force or make work easier. A staircase, as a simple machine, is an inclined plane. This is the simplest of simple machines ...
The six simple machines are the lever, inclined plane, wheel and axle, screw, wedge and pulley. Simple machines are just tools that help to make work easier ...
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