Definition of Single Gene Trait?


The definition of a single gene trait is a single gene with two alleles and each one produces a distinct phenotype. There are several different single gene traits that humans use that can demonstrate individuality in humans. One type of a single gene trait is tongue rolling. The ability for a person to roll their tongue is considered dominant whereas those who cannot are considered recessive. Hand clasping is another type of single gene trait. If a person clasps their hands together and the left thumb is on top, it is dominant. If the right thumb is on top, it is recessive.
Q&A Related to "Definition of Single Gene Trait?"
a trait controlled by a single gene that has two alleles
Single gene trait: Some traits are coded by a single gene. These traits form bimodal
Its when a phenotype is controlled by one pair of alleles.…
A. There is more than one dominant or recessive allele for a given trait within that gene pool. Since there are at least three alleles (multiple alleles means more than three), therefore
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