Definition of Speech Choir?


The definition of a speech choir can be characterized by a group of people called a choir who puts on a performance. The choir will speak in unison at some points and put on a skit to get the point across. Much like a play but without moving around, the group stands in a pack and will often dress up to help relay the message. The choir may use different tones, volumes, and expressions to create a more eventful speech.
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A speech choir is typically the same size as a singing choir, having anywhere from 12 to 100 members or more. However, most schools and competitions feature choirs of 25 to 40 members
base on my own understanding, rubrics are the criteria on how great a speech choir was presented. Is it amazing or annoying? We've experienced presenting a speech choir when we've
Choir:1:a chorus that sings as part of a religious ceremony; 2:a family of
It has been my desire for some time to have a speech choir. There is much power in the spoken word! This is not a new idea. The ancient Greeks used choral speaking with enormous impact
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