Definition of Technological Development?


Technological development is the process of research, creation, and improvement of technology. Technology is the use of knowledge tools and machines to solve a problem. It may also refer to the collection of such tools and machinery.
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1. Take advice from Chris Peters, who writes about technology issues for Peters suggests that you form a technology advisory committee since, "no one person can
Technology is not just machinery. It can be a technique or a new way of organization. It pervades our lives and is ubiquitous. It becomes so familiar that it becomes transparent,
Technology is pretty much any advancement of objects we use and things like that. Way too broad, it's been around since the beginning of time.
WebRTC is the way to go from now on. It is native to the browser, supported in Chrome already, in beta on Firefox. You can read more about it here: My Definitive WebRTC Series. While
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