What is the definition of transferee and transferor?


The transferor is the person who conveys property, or title to property, to another individual, while the transferee is the individual to whom a conveyance of property, or title to property, is made. A transferor and transferee need not be individuals.

In some cases, a transferor or a transferee is a business or non-profit entity. A common example of a transaction involving a transferor and transferee is the sale of a house. The transferor is the seller while the transferee is the buyer. The title to the residence, which conveys ownership of the property, is what is transferred between the two parties.

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transferor: (law) someone who conveys a title or property to another
The transferor is the current owner of property being transferred. The new owner is the transferee .
In law, a party that makes a tranfer of property or another asset to a second party. The transferor may or may not receive compensation for the transfer.
TRANSFEROR. One who makes a transfer.
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