What is the definition of visual aid?


A visual aid is a material that uses sight to teach a certain principle. Teachers can use visual aids when lecturing to students in a classroom, or students can use visual aids as part of their school projects.

Examples of visual aids teachers might use include PowerPoint presentations, photographs or paintings. Some of the most common teacher visual aids are writings and drawings on a chalkboard or whiteboard.

Students are often encouraged or required to use visual aids in school presentations. Posters and artwork are two of the most common student visual aids. Students often make tri-fold posters as visual aids to help illustrate science projects for science fairs.

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Answer An aid, other than printed matter, that uses sight or sound to present information
1. Choose the information from your topic that will make the strongest impression. Pick something interesting, unusual or complex. 2. Decide on the visual form for your information.
visual aids are devices or objects or pictures used to explain a concept visually and are often accompanied by auditory explainations by a presenter or the visual aid (s), like for
n. An instructional aid, such as a poster, scale model, or videotape, that presents information visually.
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visual aid
any of various materials depending on the sense of sight, as films, slides, photographs, etc., used as aids in teaching.
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