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Sometimes when reading recipes or checking the weather, you will notice a small circular symbol at the right upper side of the number. This is what is commonly known as a degree symbol. It is a shorter way of writing the word degree. The symbol can be used for either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures. Celsius is not very common in the United States, and is more widely used in Canada and most European countries. It can be converted to Fahrenheit using a mathematical formula. There are also a variety of online resources that will do the calculation for you.
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1. Move the blinking text cursor to the place where you want to insert the degree symbol. 2. The numeric keypad is located on the right side of a full size keyboard. Make sure that
Nope, go into word, go to insert symbol, find the degree symbol and insert it. Then highlight it, copy it, then paste it where you want it. (Or leave it in word if you need)
It depends on the type of associate degree. Associate in Arts/Associate
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To have the degree symbol show up on your document in Microsoft Word, you don't need to type it. The instructions for the degree symbol are to go to the insert ...
A degree symbol has no specific name, but it is historically a zero glyph. The symbol is used primarily to represent a temperature, a geographic coordinate, or ...
You can get the degree symbol on your keyboard by holding alt and pressing 0176. You can also find it by running Charmap. ...
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