Delaware Indians Clothing?


The Delaware Indians are also known as the Lenape Indian tribe. Due to the fact they lived in an extremely harsh and cold climate during the winter months, their clothing had to protect them from the elements. In the winter, their clothing would usually be made of heavier hides such as beaver. They would also normally wear some type of coat or cloak, mittens, and sometimes a hat made out of fur. In the warmer spring and summer months, their clothing would be made out of deerskin.
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The girls wore shirts and skirts made of deer skins. the men wore a breech cloth with leggings and a belt.
The Delaware Indians live in what is know called Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. They lived in grass and bark covered longhouses.
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The Delaware Indian Tribe wore breech cloth and moccasins that were made out of deerskin. Leggings were added during cold weather and when going to brushy areas. ...
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