How to Wire a Delco Remy Alternator?


A Delco Remy starter alternator is the most common alternator used on GM cars and trucks. In order to wire a Delco Remy alternator, begin by raising the hood of the car and disconnecting the negative battery cable. Bolt the alternator to the engine in order to complete the negative circuit. The next step is to set up the positive line to the output lug on the rear of the alternator and make sure that the cable is firmly tightened. Finally, cork in the alternator output control circuit so that the regulator modulates the output of the alternator.
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1. Raise the hood of the car and use a wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable. Do not install the alternator unless the battery is disconnected because the alternator output
More than likely they connect to the positive and negative polarities of the power source.
I have never seen any specifications for ohms of resistance across a generator for bench testing. You can apply 12 volts to the A terminal on the bench and the ground to the generator
First off, just randomly trying combos tells us that you need to ask question first. If you haven't fried something already. The starter only has two different size terminals. The
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