How do you delete a Yahoo account?


To delete your Yahoo account, you need to go to the account termination page. You can do so by first logging into your account.
Q&A Related to "How do you delete a Yahoo account?"
1. Sign in to the Yahoo! portal and go to the "Account Termination" page. The easiest way to find this page is through Yahoo! help. Search for "delete account"
To remove your entire account, please visit Account Deletion page. You will be asked to or verify your password for the account you wish to remove. Please be sure to read the next
Trying to figure out how to delete a Yahoo account can be a daunting task. Every day more and more people sign up for web-based email accounts like Yahoo Mail. Signing up for an account
Assuming you mean a YA account. You really can't, only YA can delete a YA account. You could do this. Click your avatar, delete all your contacts click edit my info, delete the info
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