How can you delete your Yahoo! profile?


You cannot delete the profile associated with your main Yahoo! ID. You can only be delete your main Yahoo! ID profile or your Yahoo! Mail account by closing your account and removing all the information there. If you wish to delete your profile, go to the My Profiles page and click delete.
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1. Log in to your Yahoo Personals profile with your Yahoo username and password. 2. Select the "Edit" link in the top right portion of the home page. Scroll up to the top
Trying to figure out how to delete a Yahoo account can be a daunting task. Every day more and more people sign up for web-based email accounts like Yahoo Mail. Signing up for an account
To delete your Yahoo profile, you would need to delete your Yahoo email address. If you have a Yahoo email address, it comes with a Yahoo profile. This Yahoo HELP link will help you
1. Open the Settings. Press the Guide button, and then navigate to the Settings menu. Select System Settings. Ad. 2. Open the Storage menu. You will see a list of attached storage
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To find Yahoo member profiles, go to Yahoo Messenger. Pull up your contact list and right click on it to bring up the profile. ...
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To delete your Yahoo account, you need to go to the account termination page. You can do so by first logging into your account. ...
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