How much is 1 GB of Ram for my Dell ?


Its best to get dell certified parts for dell machines. Go to the link below and enter your service tag. Source(s)….
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1. Turn off your Dell and remove any power supplies, which does include removing the battery if it's a Dell laptop. 2. Unscrew the cover to the motherboard and locate the existing
It is difficult to tell as we do not know what type of "Dell Laptop" you have. But there is a fool-proof way, unless the port isn't working, you can buy a memory-card reader
***NOTE** If this PC is still under warranty opening the case will void it For an illustrated guide look here
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I have owned 4 Notebook PCs (1 Gateway and 3 Dell) and normally RAM Memory upgrades are a fairly simple Do It Yourself job and a very simplistic upgrade task. ...
For general home use, I think 512m is a must, 1Gb is enough. But the more you do, the more memory you need. You can view the memory buying guide on ...
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